Green Innovation

We're saving the planet one innovation at a time.

Securing a sustainable future is everyone’s responsibility. In line with Singapore Green Plan 2030, the Primech Holdings Green Plan will see us dedicating more of our resources to adopting eco-friendly practices, and innovating green products. Now we can transform facility solutions and preserve our environment – all at the same time.

EV Charger

Our Innovations Are Good For The Future

Singapore has plans to completely phase out Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles by 2040. To support this monumental shift, we’re now offering to build and maintain Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points for our valued clients.

Green Office

Our Products Are Green-Labelled

As an organisation, we’re pledging to source and use green labelled products that pose no threat to the environment. This series of green products are being developed by our in-house R&D team. Our goal is to usher in a new era of sustainable practices, through the use of efficient and eco-friendly products.

Green Lounge

Our Building Is Eco-Friendly

The Primech Holdings building is designed to be green. Our building will optimise energy usage through the use of eco-friendly features such as fuel-efficient air conditioners and motion-sensor LED lights. Outfitted with solar panels, wooden furniture and lush greenery, the building is also testament to our commitment to the environment.

Our Fleet Is Emission-Free

By 2025, Primech Holding’s entire fleet of vans will be electric. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, these EVs will run on clean energy, and help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. To support this move, the Primech Holdings building will also be equipped with EV charging infrastructure.

Our Equipment Is Energy-Efficient

Efficient use of energy means optimising the battery charging time, and extending the battery life of our equipment. In collaboration with our partners, we’re also introducing a new battery swapping system. Instead of waiting for every charge, our staff can simply swap out batteries and go. This helps us work smarter, better and greener.

Our Super Cleaners Work Sustainably

Introducing our Super Cleaners, a dedicated team specially trained to use eco-friendly power tools, adopt greener methods, and work smarter. Through highly efficient operational methods, these super cleaners will save gallons of water every week, and help preserve our environment in the long run.

Our Service Save Resources

Leveraging technological developments, we offer facility management solutions that are good for clients, as well as the environment. We have a project which utilises a hydrophobic self-cleaning product that has proven to be many times more efficient and eco-friendly than traditional methods. This non-hazardous nano-coating repels dust and dirt, and keeps surfaces cleaner for longer.


Revolutionizing The Facility Services Industry With The Power Of Robotics.

We are able to optimize our facility performance processes, improve our efficiency and exceed the needs of our clients. With the implementation of robots, it enhances our business’ brand value by serving as a visible testament to smart operations and overall innovation.

EV Charger

Integrated Facility Management Digital Platform

By utilizing facility management digital platform for workflow automation and data analytics, we are able to create efficient processes that optimise resources and reduce communication errors, hence improving our productivity.


Smart Facility Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions

Leveraging on IoT, we are able to measure the actual behaviour of our smart facility solutions. By combining sensor input and machine learning with connectivity and analytics, our IoT-based facilities services functions can be prescheduled and adjusted for maximum efficiency.


Digitalisation Of Our Processes

With our growing number of subsidiaries, digitalisation of our work processes has brought about transformation, as well as standardising our workflow systems. Digitalisation will be a continuous process to keep us ahead of the trend. It also enables us to minimise rework and reduce errors to achieve better productivity.


Performance Assessment Inspection

By using mobile performance assessment, we are able to measure our performance against set benchmarks, and receive reviews & ratings which can be used for client feedback.